2018: “The transformation of neglected tropical diseases into matters of concern: problematizations in the context of German science and policy”

Expositor: Dr. Hugo Ferpozzi, Investigador posdoctoral del CONICET adscripto al Centro CTS (U. Maimónides) y ex-investigador posdoctoral visitante del WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

Viernes 18 de mayo a las 10:30hs, en el Centro de Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad (CCTS) Valentín Virasoro 732 (timbre CTS) – C.A.B.A. Asistencia libre y gratuita, con inscripción previa a través del mail seminarioscts@centrocts.org.


Neglected tropical diseases, as defined by the World Health Organization, constitute a group of 19 communicable sicknesses that affect one billion individuals in tropical and subtropical conditions. During the last decade, however, the presence of these diseases in traditionally non-endemic regions has contributed to emerging concerns and interactions between public and global health, scientific research, and policy. This paper intends to grasp the interplay through which the tropical and neglected identity of these diseases is being reshaped in Germany, a seemingly new but central setting for global health. This is to ask, in other words: How are these sicknesses conceived of as problematic entities? Which are the tentative political responses intended for national and global health? Which are the representations, discourses, institutions, and identities engaged in these constructions? Which, instead, are being excluded? Drawing inspiration from Greimas’ canonical narrative schema and analyzing the contents of research papers and policy documents of the last decade, I seek to identify the themes through which neglected tropical diseases are devised as something relevant in formerly unaffected contexts, as well as to detect how different calls for further engagement and intervention are being justified or excluded within Germany and Western Europe.